YOUNGER Season 2 Premiere Press Coverage

Parade | Interview: Younger Star Sutton Foster Dishes Season 2 Spoilers

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“We have a really great lighting and makeup department,” Foster, who is turning 41 this year,­­ told in an exclusive interview at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif. “You know how some people—even in their 20’s—play older? I’ve always read younger. Even as I was in my 30s, I was still playing 20-year-olds.”
What makes Younger so appealing—especially to people over 35— is the thought of going back and reliving part of life over. While Liza doesn’t actually go back in time and get the years back, she does get to pretend to be 26 with all that it entails. iconplus Read more

The Daily Beast | How ‘Younger’ Became the ‘Sex and the City’ Replacement We All Craved

David M. Russell / TV Land“It was definitely interesting to navigate because I hadn’t really thought about any of those things,” Foster says. “I’d be asked about my beauty regime and I’m like, ‘I don’t really have one!”
She laughs for a minute, magically looking, like Liza, both youthful and carefree, and wise and seasoned at the same time.
“So I’d just make things up to try to sound relevant or like I knew what I was talking about,” she continues. “And with my getting older, I’ve never thought about it, or felt those things before, or even looked at myself in the mirror and gone, ‘Oh, wow, I am changing and getting older. Am I relevant? Well, I have a career…” iconplus Read more

HuffPost TV | How ‘Younger’ Became The Best Show About 20-Somethings On TV

Photo credit: TV LandFoster, however, was not afforded the same “critical distance” in her own life, describing her 20s as a particularly rocky period.
“I was a mess in my 20s,” the two-time Tony award winner admitted. “I made a lot of mistakes. I was also a really late bloomer and kind of afraid of the world. I didn’t become less afraid until I got older.”
Foster also sees major differences between 2016 and the time she grew up in.
“I’m looking at this new generation and I think it’s a really defining decade,” the “Bunheads” star explained. “People in their 20s now are putting their stakes down in the world.” iconplus Read more

People | Why Younger Star Sutton Foster Is ‘Grateful’ to Find TV Success at Age 40: ‘I Feel So Much More Settled and Confident’

DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS/GETTYLike her character, Sutton Foster’s career took an exciting turn with a second chapter when Younger came along.
A Broadway breakout in her 20s, Foster is now the leading lady on TV Land’s adorable, under-the-radar critical darling, which begins its second season Wednesday and is already greenlit for a third.
“In a career choice of being a performer and an entertainer where there’s no real job security and it’s hard to look ahead at what’s next, it’s really cool to know that we have this next season and to know that the network is really behind us and really believes in the show,” Foster, 40, told PEOPLE at the Younger and Teachers premiere party Wednesday at the Nomad in New York. “So it’s exciting!” iconplus Read more