TimeOut New York | Sutton Foster talks the new season of Younger

Photo by Tawni BannisterIt’s a beautiful, breezy summer afternoon in Riverside Park, and a busking violist is providing background music for our photo shoot with Younger star Sutton Foster, who’s posing on a sunny patch of grass. It’s like being in a dreamy New York postcard—that is, until Foster realizes she’s stepping in, er, dog shit, and we’re thrown back into reality. But the two-time Tony Award winner forgoes a diva moment. Instead she laughs and says, “I’m a dog owner; I’m used to it.” Yeah, you could say this Upper West Sider is pretty down-to-earth, especially for someone who’s been making a name for herself onstage and onscreen for two decades. (She first appeared on Broadway at age 21 in Grease in 1996.) In person, she’s remarkably youthful, not unlike her Younger character, Liza, a 40-year-old mother pretending to be 26 who navigates the publishing world and Brooklyn’s dating scene. Talk about art imitating life.
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