theINTERVAL | How Fashion Can Empower Women of Theatre

theINTERVALWhen you first met with Micaela, did you know what direction you wanted to go for your Tony look?
Not really. I always like classic and sophisticated. I knew I didn’t want to wear anything that felt too much like a costume or that felt glitzy. I knew I wanted to feel comfortable. And I knew I didn’t want to wear black. So when I was talking to Micaela the first time I was giving her that direction. Then when I met with her, this dress [the ombre Naeem Khan] was the first one that I saw when I walked in—I turned the corner and I was like, “That’s pretty.” We tried on fifteen dresses and that was the sixteenth dress and we were like, “This is the one.” But it was the first dress I saw. The color was different and I loved the ombre. And it fit.
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