New York City Center | Talking OFF-CENTER with Sutton Foster and Jonathan Groff (Part 2)

Sutton Foster and Jonathan Groff. Photo by Matt Karas.In May we shared the first part of a chatty, wide-ranging conversation with Encores! Off-Center stars Sutton Foster and Jonathan Groff. In part two, Foster explains why she was drawn to The Wild Party and Groff shares what he learned by seeing her six times in Thoroughly Modern Millie. (They also talk about farting princesses and bad Irish accents.)

CITY CENTER: Jonathan, I wanted to ask how you stay present during Hamilton. You’re only onstage…
JONATHAN GROFF: I’m onstage for nine minutes, total.
JG: Yeah.
SF: That’s a good job.
JG: Every other night, I watch. I just am obsessed with watching the show because it’s endlessly fascinating, and there’s so much going on. And then emails, phone calls, a little reading. I practice my British accent for a good 20 minutes every day before I go onstage. What I’ve started doing lately is just reading random books in a British accent. It’s still hard for me to get my mouth around it.
SF: The only time I ever did an accent, I had to play an Irish nun—
JG: When did you play an Irish nun?!

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