RECAP: Live Q&A on Twitter for Younger Season Finale, June 9, 2015

Younger TV Land

@LeoADion: what was your favorite part of filming season 1?
Sutton: honestly just working with everyone. genuinely love these folks.

‏@kangarookandy: funniest person on set??

‏@manda_rodz: what has been your favorite role to play so far?
Sutton: I always seem to like the role I’m playing in the moment. I love Liza. But an overall favorite? AH. Hard to choose

‏@VJBrendan: Sutton – What is your Favorite Thing About New Orleans? I Have Seen You Perform Twice in NOLA
Sutton: the food and the cemeteries

‏@summer0001: what’s your fave scene this season?
Sutton: the scene with Charles at the end of episode 8 – where we drink scotch and take solace in other peoples misery

‏@selenaworld: Describe Liza in ONE word.
Sutton: BALLSY

‏@manda_rodz: are you as big of a bookworm as Liza?
Sutton: not as much. Altho I love to read. Reading the Goldfinch now. Obsessed.

‏@manda_rodz: Would you have chosen to do anything else with your life besides acting?
Sutton: I’d be a teacher

‏@julie15327: Will Liza’s daughter come back to visit next season?
Sutton: wouldn’t that make things more interesting?

‏@emmyxoxo84: what do you prefer filming a TV show or performing in a Broadway show?
Sutton: I kind of love them both

@CCthirtythree: what was your favorite outfit that Liza wore ??
Sutton: I loved the green sweater and skirt from ep 10. I love the pink dress and jacket in ep 8. I love all her clothes

@liz__perez: What are some great sites you saw while filming in NY this season?
Sutton: walking w Nico Tortorella in the freezing cold under the brooklyn bridge to shoot a scene at the end of ep 7

@michm1329: I LOVE your art, do you think you will do an artwork of Liza?
Sutton: that’s a good idea

‏@camille_fung: best food to eat while watching tv?
Sutton: something crunchy

@dreambig287: have you already started filming season 2 of younger
Sutton: we start in September!

@selenaworld: What’s your motto in life?
Sutton: do something creative every day

‏@megan_milford: Favorite Tony performance?
Sutton: from this year? Fun Home

‏@EliseRamirez: Do you love television acting as much as performing on stage?
Sutton: I love both! they challenge me in different ways

‏@agronduff: Favorite movie?
Sutton: Revenge of the Nerds

‏@BrinaOnBroadway: Will Mabel be making a guest appearance on the show next season?
Sutton: I should see if I could sneak her into a scene- she might steal it though

@sam_heff: what’s your favorite part of playing a 26 year old?
Sutton: probably the outfits

@lyndzaroo: Any tv shows (besides Younger) that you’re currently obsessing over?
Sutton: Game of THRONES!

‏@ttitkemeyer: do you think Millie can relate to Liza?
Sutton: Millie is pretty naive. I’d like to think Liza is more wise.

@AlwaysATrueFan: will Liza and Diana be friends once the truth is out? I feel like there is potential for a great friendship
Sutton: I love their relationship. I don’t see them skipping off into the sunset together tho.

‏@mattie_lillian: Did you get inspiration from past roles when working on the character Liza, or was this just a fun new experience!
Sutton: I think all of your past influences your future. I tend to pull from everything

‏@OfficiallyEmi: Favorite place to visit in NYC?
Sutton: Levain Bakery,the highline, central park, Juice Generation, Bloomingdales

@MeganAmriNYC: Do you have a favorite episode you’ve filmed?
Sutton: I think mine is episode 8

@SarahLaughLove: if you could go anywhere around the world where would you go?
Sutton: I wanna go to Greece and Spain

@skychristianh: what’s your favorite place in the whole world?
Sutton: I love Napa Valley

@PatMonteith: favorite pop music icon?
Sutton: Britney all the way

‏@wajih93: your Fave music genre ?
Sutton: folk!

@Alyssa_Brownell: is it more natural to perform on stage or in front of the camera for you?
Sutton: I’ve had more experience on stage, but I’m becoming more and more comfortable on camera

@skychristianh: out of all the characters you’ve played on Broadway, which do you think can relate to Liza the most?
Sutton: hmm. Maybe Jo March? A determined woman.

‏@lydia42dance: Do you have a favorite breed of dog??
Sutton: cute and sweet? Is that a breed?

@haley_evenrud: Favorite perfume?!
Sutton: I just collect samples and use those 🙂

@worldchmps: The great thing about ur role is u actually look in ur mid 20’s. Did u have to audition or was the part made for u?
Sutton: I auditioned!

@robinterschak: Do you watch Netflix? If so, what is your favorite show.
Sutton: right now I’m watching Anthony Bourdain’s travel show which is awesome

‏@chrrrrrrristian: What is your favorite Broadway show of ALL TIME?! ❤️❤️❤️

‏@CelinaGuerineau: Do you like Jennifer Lawrence?!
Sutton: um she’s amazeballs

‏@hannahfaej: what was your favorite episode of @abcfBunheads ?
Sutton: hard to choose – I loved them all. Maybe ep 10. oh captain my captain

‏@megan_burch1: how do you handle rough days,and how do you prepare yourself mentally for the next? big fan of you onstage and TV❤️
Sutton: with time you realize that bad days are blips. Things do get better. I just try to remind myself of that.

‏@bwaygal13: scale of 1-10 how much do u love Gilmore girls #ASKYOUNGER
Sutton: a gabillion

@NiallOHalloran2: Hey Sutton! 🙂 Whats your the best advice you can give for working in the theatre industry?? <3
Sutton: ‘be kind’ – people wanna work with with good people

@steveewat: favorite Game of Thrones moment? @YoungerTV #ASKYOUNGER
Sutton: that damned Red Wedding

‏@camzml: favorite place you visited in Italy?
Sutton: I loved Capri. It blew my mind. And Rome

‏@manda_rodz: acting, singing, dancing. which is your favorite?
Sutton: acting all the way.

@emmithedancer: Most interesting character you have ever played??
Sutton: Violet in Violet.