RECAP: Live Q&A on Twitter, April 28, 2015

Younger TV Land

Kaitlin Costa ‏@kaitlincosta1:  what was your favorite role to play on broadway??
Sutton: I think my fave so far was Violet in Violet

Broadway Gal ‏@bwaygal13: are you thankful younger shoots in NY or do u miss LA?
Sutton: I miss LA – cause I miss the WEATHER, but it’s amazing shooting in NY

Julia ‏@vballjulia: any advice for aspiring performers?
Suttonbe kind, take opportunities, and never stop learning

Razzle Dazzle ‏@theGirlthatTime: just because – Bunheads was the cutest show. I was so bummed it was shortlived!
Sutton: ME TOO! I miss #bunheads every day.

amanda6790 ‏@amanda6790: Do you think Liza will ever get dragged into a karaoke bar so she can show off her voice??
Sutton: I don’t think Liza can sing! I’m pretty sure she’s tone deaf.

Austin Young ‏@austin_y26: Do you prefer acting on stage or on screen?
Sutton: I like BOTH. They both challenge me in different ways.

Kate Reyes ‏@katelreyes1698: What’s your favorite schmackary’s cookie?
Sutton: maple bacon! Or the lemon cornmealy one

Younger Fans ‏@YoungerFans: How excited are you for the cast to get back together in New York to film the second season of Younger?
Sutton: I miss everyone a lot! We had a great time filming so I’m super excited about season 2!!

Chahita ‏@sincerelyCL: Have you ever lied about your age in real life?
Sutton: not really. I’m proud of my age 🙂

Julie Majano ‏@julie15327: any advice for a killer audition??? ♡♡ I love you!!
Suttonbe PREPARED! And be YOURSELF. 

amanda6790 ‏@amanda6790: On Younger you get to be 26 and 40…what do you think has been your best year in real life?
Sutton: probably my 39th year! I did a show on bway that I loved, a tv show I loved and I got married! Hopefully 40 will be even better

Hannah Martin ‏@hballet_hh: what are you most excited about performing in The Wild Party this summer?
Sutton: to do a character that excites and scares me!

emilia filippone ‏@EmiliaFilippone: What other @TVLand star would you love to have come work on the show?

rodrigø ‏@yungrods: hows working with @HilaryDuff? Im so in love with the TV show ❤
Sutton: Hilary is the BEST! I love her. Total pro and a friend.

Bella Grace ‏@bellalecomte:Theater or TV?
Sutton: BOTH!

Thank You Glee ‏@_LivingBigTime_ : what are your favorite things to do when your not performing or acting ?
Sutton: draw, hike, shop, EAT, play with my dog Mabel, watch movies, cook, read, do crafty things

Taylor Goss ‏@tgoss96: how does it feel to know that you are incredibly loved and idolized by so many, including myself?!?
Sutton: i can’t quite comprehend it cause I still feel like a flailing mess still trying to figure it all out but THANK YOU!

uswntcaskettturners ‏@LauraLaLou: favorite scene/episode so far?
Sutton: episode 8!

raphael ‏@badwolfs: what’s your favorite animal?
Sutton: dogs 🙂

Syd Wishnow ‏@makea_WISHNOW: how many times do you do a take before it’s perfect?
Sutton: I wish I could say 1! Usually 3 or 4.

Amy ‏@amymichele315: what is your favorite album to listen to (not yours)? Do you listen to your own albums?
Sutton: I just got @kelly_clarkson new album and I’m obsessed.

laura ‏@cecilystrongs: what is your favorite show from this broadway season??
Sutton: FUN HOME

Ashley Harmon ‏@a_harm: is playing your twenties on TV taking you back to your first lead on Broadway? Does it ever feel surreal?
Sutton: it DOES! time is going by way too fast

Nicole Hare ‏@nicolehare93: who was the best cast member to work with.?
Sutton: I can’t pick just ONE! Not fair. Everyone is great… seriously.

LAWRENCE ‏@lopitz95: what advice would you give to people that are afraid to come out of their comfort zones and try new things?
Sutton: leap leap leap! don’t be afraid to fail. It’s ok!

Rachel Kloc ‏@Rachel_Kloc: if you could be a boy for a day, would you?
Sutton: sure! Might learn something.

maximoff trash macky ‏@AGEOFMAXlMOFF: what is the most memorable episode you’ve filmed?
Sutton: probably episode 11. You’ll see.

Mich M ‏@michm1329: do you ever get to see any of the Bunheads cast?
SuttonI saw Kelly Bishop @JuliaGTelles @baileymdeyoung when they saw Violet. I see ASP a LOT @KaitlynJenkins8 in LA!

Bella Grace ‏@bellalecomte: what would your advice be for a 13 year old trying to make it to Broadway someday?
Sutton: keep learning, be kind and take opportunities!

sarah ‏@astrangedesire: who would you love to get as a guest star for next season?
Sutton: Sara Bareilles @SaraBareilles and/or Lauren Graham @thelaurengraham altho I’d fan girl
Sara Bareilles @SaraBareilles: um. Yes please.
Lauren Graham @thelaurengraham: AHMAHGAH I’d be so fan-ish excited I’d act like a freak and they’d have to change the show’s title to “Weirder.”

Meghan ‏@megmoore017: if you could perform with anyone who would it be ?
Sutton: Patti LuPone!

Lydia ‏@lydiashirley: What do you do to relieve stress?
Sutton: BATHS!

jess ‏@tardisofbones: whats your favorite tv show?
Sutton: of all time? Gilmore Girls

❤ ‏@jennyfanzel: I’m so desperate to know…will you be at the Tonys this year?
Sutton: I hope so!

Alanah Harper-Brecht ‏@AlanahMichele13: where is your favorite place in NYC?
Sutton: Forty Carrots at Bloomies – BEST FROZEN YOGURT

Chahita ‏@sincerelyCL: Are there any shows that you like to binge watch?
Sutton: currently 30 Rock

Macky Galang ‏@mackygalang: how would you describe @YoungerTV to people who haven’t seen it yet?
Sutton: that it’s awesome?!

Charlotte King ‏@OhHeyAG: if you were asked would you host the Tony’s?
Sutton: probably not. I’d be too nervous

Danielle Morales ‏@mamasitamorals: Patti Lupone or Carol Burnett?
Sutton: tough call! GAH! I have to go with Carol but by like 1%

Adri @HeyyAdri: If you could be in any play/musical ever, what would it be and who would you play?

Sutton: maybe Charity in Sweet Charity? The Bakers Wife in Into the Woods? Mama Rose in Gypsy?

Megan Milford ‏@megan_milford: How did you get involved with @YoungerTV?
SuttonI auditioned!

Megan Milford ‏@megan_milford: How was the wedding?
Sutton: best day of my life

Sutton: You guys rock! THANK YOU! NOW go watch Younger!!!