Detroit Free Press | Sutton Foster turns back the age clock on new sitcom

Photo credit: TV Land“Why is it the older and more experienced you are, the less desirable you become?” asks Liza, a 40-year-old former book editor with a failed marriage behind her and a struggle ahead to rejoin the workforce after a decade-plus as a stay-at-home mom.
What Liza does next beats a youth-obsessed culture at its own game. After too many job interviews that go nowhere, she pretends that she’s 26 and gets hired immediately as an entry-level publishing assistant.
That’s the premise of “Younger,” the sitcom from the creator of “Sex and the City” that premieres Tuesday with two back-to-back episodes. Like Star’s iconic HBO series, this one is female-centric and ready to raise eyebrows.
A joke in the first episode involving the generational divide over bikini waxing establishes that this is no longer your grandmother’s TV Land of “Golden Girls” reruns.
For Sutton Foster, the Broadway star who grew up in metro Detroit, the role of Liza in “Younger” could be the breakout TV moment that she deserves.
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