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EatThis,NotThat! | 7 ways Sutton Foster looks 26 at 41 years-old

EatThis,NotThat![…] If you’re not familiar with [Younger], it’s about a 40-year-old woman who said she is 26 (!) in order to get an assistant job at a book publishing company. Social commentary aside, it’s an on-point show that’s fun to watch because you get to see a real-life 41-year-old woman, Sutton Foster, fool the world on-screen with her youthful appearance and attitude.
[…] While her star is already pretty high, I couldn’t help but Google Foster’s beauty secrets until my eyeballs wanted to fall out. Happily, I can report that her secrets are great habits—no weird diets or sketchy beauty treatments.
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Gotham | Sutton Foster on Making Dressing Rooms Feel Like Home & Her Role on the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reboot

Photo credit: MATT HARRINGTONWe sat down with Broadway and TV star Sutton Foster to talk this season of Younger, an upcoming role on the Gilmore Girls reboot, and her fun partnership with HomeGoods, interior designer Mike Harrison, and theater dresser Julien Havard, to make backstage dressing rooms feel like home.
Sutton Foster is no stranger to reinvention. In addition to her ever-changing and varied roles on the stage and screen—as everyone from Anything Goes’ iconic Reno Sweeney to TV Land’s beloved Liza Miller on Younger—she recently revamped her New York City apartment in partnership with HomeGoods. The result is a whimsical and highly personalized space that features tons of color, original artworks, and retro accents that accurately reflect Foster’s open and exuberant personality.
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The Daily Beast | ‘Younger’ Star Sutton Foster on Ageism in Hollywood: ‘I’ve Experienced It’

Photo credit: TV LandThere’s advice that Sutton Foster gives the high school and college students she works with. “It sounds like the hardest thing to do, but: You are enough. Be yourself,” she tells them. “Your individuality and singularity is what’s going to make you.”
It’s hard advice to take from the two-time Tony-winning actress and star of TV Land’s Younger, after whom many of those students model their audition songs, let alone their career aspirations. “Don’t be me; be yourself,” she tells them. “That’s what’s helped me. And I think it’s helped my career.”
Scanning Foster’s professional resume, which jumpstarted when the then-unknown 27-year-old actress was plucked from the chorus to lead the $9.5 million production of Thoroughly Modern Millie on Broadway in 2002, and it’s hard to argue against the actress’s advice. It’s also what makes her success in the role of Liza on Younger all the more intriguing.
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POPSUGAR | Younger: Sutton Foster Reveals That Liza Is a “Giant Wrecking Ball” in Season 3

POPSUGAR / Photo credit: TV LandSeason three of Younger premieres on TV Land on Wednesday, and before we dive back into the juicy and addicting love triangle that is Liza, Charles, and Josh, POPSUGAR had the chance to sit down with the show’s star, Sutton Foster, about what fans can except from her character this season. While we’re still getting over the shocking season two ending (Kelsey’s fiancé dies in front of Liza in a freak accident on the streets of NYC), Foster admitted that those insane plot twists are only just getting started. iconplus Read more